What is this all about?

iHeartCardio is a concept that I created to be the theme for a solo bike tour of the USA. It’s going to be just me and a bicycle, on the road with a backpack filled with essentials.

diagram of heart

Do I really love (heart) cardio? Uhm, I can’t really say that I love cardio (cardio-vascular exercise) itself because when you do it right, there is NOTHING to love about it. Unless you’re a masochist.

But what I do love is the feeling resulting from cardio. The “runners high”, the energy, and the surge of endorphin levels in the body which cause me to feel like I could kick me some Kimbo Slice ass while blindfolded. Twice.

That and the fact that I know I’m performing the proper maintenance that the human body needs.  When you have a Maserati, you’ve often got to take it on the beltway and open it up. Get it above 110 mph, let it breathe. If you just let it sit in the driveway (the couch), the tires will flatspot, the car will rust and deteriorate (heart disease).

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