Why should I donate to the American Heart Association?

More than 2,200 Americans die of cardiovascular diseases each day which averages out to one person every 39 seconds. Cardiovascular diseases claim more lives each year than cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases and accidents combined.

Yeah. So…this is a PROBLEM.

The AHA is 2nd only to the federal government in funding cardiovascular and stroke research. They need your donations so that they can

  • continue to fund the more than 2,100 scientists around the United States.
  • continue to fund Nobel Prize winners, as they have funded 11 past winners.
  • continue to provide research programs that have contributed to many important scientific advances, including the first artificial heart valve, techniques and standards for CPR, implantable pacemakers, treatment for infant respiratory distress syndrome, cholesterol inhibitors, microsurgery, and drug-coated stents
Without the American Heart Association doing what they do. We’d be WAY worse-off.

Public and private donors compose of the largest funding group. Therefore, they need additional funding to keep up the good contributions towards heart-education and medical heart advancements.

I say all of that to say…

If I’m on my bicycle for the AHA all-day every-day, you can throw in $25 bucks or more towards the donation goal of 10K, that’s under one penny per mile.  If you can, thank you in advance. And if you can’t, thank you anyway and please tell a friend.

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