Times Square to Venice Beach. The turn-by-turn map

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Here is the complete Google map that is taking me from Times Square in NYC to Venice Beach in LA.  I might just be the first cross-country beta tester for the Google bicycle maps. Hopefully they won’t steer me wrong.  And as you may notice, I did indeed purposefully add Las Vegas as a stop towards the end. The extra fifty miles or so, will be well worth it I’m sure.

You can zoom in as far as the street-level on this map so to see where exactly I’ll be. And if I’m coming thru your neck of the woods, I invite you to come out and meet me, break bread with me, and/or even ride with me for a stretch.

I won’t be keeping a strict schedule which would disclose the dates and times that I’ll be in each area.  So the best way to stay updated with where I am on this trip is thru this blog and my Twitter page as I’ll be updating the blog daily and Twitter multiple times per day.

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